Manual to install an operating system on your Raspberry Pi

After explaining a little above our previous article on Raspberry Pi what this device and the features applied to home automation that can be done with these micro-computers, Today we go a step further with the connection of this board to your computer, one of the basic steps to start tinkering with this type enabled device.

Let's see how we can install a OS easily in our Raspberry Pi through a Mac or a PC with Windows operating system. Although there are many ways to accomplish this task, we'll show how some of us use by seem very simple and quick.

How today are only going to install the OS, to have MicroSD memory card and Raspberry Pi available, we have enough. Surely you need a MicroSD adapter -> SD card to connect to your computer, as computers tend to bring a SD reader and not a microSD.

We will need at least one 8GB MicroSD card and class 6 completely empty as it will be the hardware store manager OS. Although the minimum requirements and class speak 8GB 6, We consider a 16GB card and class 10 giving results and quality / price balance best. As you know, class indicates the speed of the card, so that more better.

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