A minicomputer in plate 16 dólares? C.H.I.P. Pro is new competition for Raspberry Pi Zero

The tiny computer C.H.I.P it has become quite popular since it appeared last year, principalmente por su precio: 9 Dollars, climbing rapidly to 30 dollars if we put shipments, adapters and cables. Costs aside, It has become a decent competition for Raspberry Pi Zero.

With him we can do many things, one of the most famous is the use as a handheld brain PocketCHIP. The developer team has considered that it was time to update the microcomputer, y lo hacen por partida doble: una versión CHIP Pro que cuesta 16 Dollars, y un chip GR8 SIP (procesador y RAM) que sale por 6 Dollars.

While CHIP Pro is a board that lets you create a small Linux-based computer, GR8 SIP is basically the brains of the same. Concretamente estamos ante un procesador Allwinner R8 (ARM Cortex-A8, 1GHz) que cuenta con 256/512MB de RAM (DDR3), and a graphical Mali-400.

The fact choose "Pro" adds us the WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity 4.2, microphone and Toshiba memory storage. There are also drivers for SD / MMC, input and output image, USB, and serial ports.

There is a third option in which offer us a pair of plates CHIP Pro, a development board and some tools to facilitate connections. This offer comes out 49 Dollars. All products are offered for sale in December, although you can book as.

The company offers the possibility of sending Factory Pro firmware modules you need. Each CHIP Pro It comes with an annual subscription to a cloud of The Next Thing – the creators -, from there you can apply software updates or manage and encrypt content from the same point, regardless of the number of plates. When I finish, the annual price is a dollar.

Source | Engadget
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