Mupen64Plus, for the Raspberry Pi N64 emulator

Mupen64Plus “Multi-Platform Emulator for the N64” (Emulador multiplataforma para N64) es un emulador de la consola de videojuegos Nintendo 64. It was originally developed on and for GNU/Linux systems, but is designed to be cross-platform. It has been ported to other operating systems using the SDL library, including Microsoft Windows, BeOS, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. Mupen64 is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

According to PhonicUK on the Forum of the Foundation of the Raspberry Pi cuenta lo siguiente:

I've been working on porting version of Mupen64Plus originally made for the Pandora to the Raspberry Pi. Tengo que compilar y ejecutar (la interfaz de usuario basada en GTK trabaja absolutamente bien), and I can emulate a game without video output, and the use of the interpreter instead of the dynarec. Right now I'm trying to solve the gles2n64 plugin, you have some assembler ARMv7 and which I'm rewriting in C to set it up and then I'll have to return to optimize later. The dynarec also has some minor problems resulting from being predominantly built around the Cortex chip. You can download the original sources if you seseas it. It is also necessary that you get a copy of the gl2extimg.h file

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