Mycroft is the rival of Amazon Echo Open Source based on the Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and Ubuntu

Voice attendees are fashionable, and show the different bets that exist in the market. Google Now, Siri y Cortana están cada vez más presentes en nuestros dispositivos móviles (y con Windows 10, también en el escritorio), and third-party alternatives or solutions such as Amazon Echo seeking out those functions to the field of “connected home”.

Now there is a new alternative that will compete directly with Amazon Echo. Is about Mycroft, a very similar device in that order to be able to answer our questions and perform some tasks based on our voice commands, pero que cuenta con una diferencia fundamental: está centrado en el uso de productos hardware y software Open Source.

A voice assistant

The heart of Mycroft is a Raspberry Pi 2 which again shows his versatility in another unique project. Accompanying this miniPC is an Arduino board which controls the screen that is displaying the information according to need. And all this is governed by Snappy Ubuntu Core, Canonical distribution based on Ubuntu but oriented Internet of Things.

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