NesPi: Una Raspberry Pi dentro de una NES (I)

Not bad, por fin llegó el día! Hoy mismo he recibido mi NES estropeada. So I can give the section commenced NesPi.

Como este post no va a ser nada técnico (si lo serán los sucesivos), what I am going to explain is more or less the idea that I have, I'm going to expose my pretensions and give you some indications of what I plan to do with my Raspberry Pi. Perhaps, and I hope, This project that I begin today will be of interest to some of you, and you bother you to do something similar, to be able to carry out a small discussion of above how would do it each one, improvements, ideas, etc...

The project idea

From the first day that I did with my Raspberry Pi (recordemos ese gran sorteo!!!) tuve muy claro que no podía caer en saco roto todo este movimiento, It is a fever, moving the world of microcomputers. These things are very reach of any person, above all of children, that give us a thousand turns programming and doing little things with computers... Therefore, I have opened many projects with the RasPi, pero hace falta mucho tiempo para todos ellos (controlador de maquetas de trenes con DCC, Home Automation, servidor casero…). All of them you can see brushstrokes on my website. Pero hay uno que es muy importante: dotar de una caja con estilo a este gran artilugio…

Pero… ¿por qué una NES?

Muy sencillo: la NES es, and will be forever, symbol of the consoleros retro world and the major technological advances of my time, the 80. Thus, What better way to honor a current micropc retro skin, honoring history. I have to say that I have always been of SEGA, but some time ago I had the opportunity to acquire a NES in a State, more and more I saw it next... So I decided that if my RasPi was to have a good case, It was to be with style, retro... What better than a NES...

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