NetPi, analyzes the state of your network with a Raspberry Pi

When we analyze the state of a network generally usually use a complete computer with an operating system based on Linux and the corresponding tools that you return the desired results. The problem comes when we want to check external networks involving lead our computer ready to perform the analysis or use professional tools whose price is often exorbitant.

NetPi It is a small project that has managed to create a complete analysis device alternative networks to major commercial tools over 1.500 dollars but using only free software and hardware as economic Raspberry Pi. Estos dispositivos de análisis de red son utilizados para comprobar el estado de una red (generalmente local y de cable, para la fibra óptica hay que utilizar otros dispositivos), así como para poder encontrar diferentes problemas que pueda haber en ella (cuellos de botella, computers that send bulk packages, security flaws, etc).

This small operating system Raspberry Pi, which it is also open source, nos va a permitir disponer de una completa herramienta de análisis de red de bajo coste (sólo pagando el hardware) y totalmente funciona, both personally and professionally. NetPi still developing implementing new functions, Nevertheless, por el momento es posible disponer de las siguientes herramientas y funciones:

• CDP / LLDP for the results obtained through the RJ-45 port.
• DIA as software to create diagrams network topologies.
• Test de Ping, ruta (tracert) y velocidad para analizar el rendimiento de la red.
• Wireshark, Wireless Scanner and Zen Map for forensic analysis of a local network and security testing and pentesting.
• VNC and SSH for remote control device.
• Syslog Server to collect test results and to analyze them later.

To operate this device network analysis only we need a plate Raspberry Pi 2 and a micro-sd where to install the OS. Additionally, we can install other devices such as a touch screen LCD to not depend on an HDMI monitor, un dongle Wi-Fi, a mini-USB keyboard and even an external battery to make something autonomous device 100%.

We can download the current image NetPi for the Raspberry Pi from the main project website.

How about NetPi? ¿Conoces otras distribuciones que brinden a la Raspberry Pi de unas funcionalidades similares?

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