Nueva Raspberry Pi vs sus competidores: buscando el mejor mini ordenador barato

One of the news of the day at level pots has been the presentation of the new Raspberry Pi 2, technically called Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in honor of the former and original model. A pitch that we didn't expect would take place on these dates, and that we leave with a good handful of interesting news.

With the arrival of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B you have surely stung you itch to these minicomputers. But, ¿qué variedad existe a la hora de escoger un mini-ordenador económico?

There is a world beyond the Raspberry Pi, While it is true that this family is the best-known, of the easiest to get in the market and that there are variations. And that makes quite.

Today we will review both the features of the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, by comparing them with other models, as their alternatives in the market.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, features technical

From the technical point of view Raspberry Pi 2 Model B It is a very noticeable improvement of what we knew previously, and all in the same format. The dimensions are similar but have now included better processor, more RAM and the benefits of the Model B + presented, Curiously, makes half year.

In the table below we show you the main technical characteristics of the 4 models launched by the Foundation Raspberry Pi, and with which we can compare the benefits of the latest model.

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