¿Ofrece un buen rendimiento la Raspberry Pi como XBMC?

One of the areas in which are working hard at the Foundation Raspberry Pi It is the performance of XBMC and have been surprised by the number of users that use to the Raspberry Pi as a platform XBMC any other device available and therefore want to be sure that you have the best possible experience with this software.

DOM Cobley and Ben Avison have been working on the platform Raspberry Pi para la Fundación y hasta ahora los resultados han sido bastante impresionantes: la reproducción de vídeo es muy buena, but where more emphasis have been has been in navigation through the menus to be as smooth and fast as possible.

We have seen users, says Liz, (sobre todo en en los foros de XBMC – particularly in response to messages that ask for recommendations for cheap platforms XBMC) opinando que la Raspberry Pi She's too lazy to be a true multimedia player. That not is the case. If you are running the latest version of firmware, XBMC in the Raspberry Pi you will see that it is much more manageable and user-friendly that previous versions.

Here's a video with the distro OpenELEC with some patches of performance with the Dom is working, together with some other patches from Ben. We will soon see these patches appear on the distros OpenELEC Y RaspBMC. currently, These patches are in beta and soon will see the light.

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