Openbravo Web POS and Raspberry Pi system

Continuous technological innovation is a key factor in the development of new systems and to improve the functionality and flexibility of existing solutions. This improvement has led to Openbravo to open a path in which flexibility and low-cost solutions have been revealed as key factors.

In the retail sector WEB POS Openbravo solution included in the Openbravo trade platform, coupled with the use of the increasingly popular computer Raspberry Pi are gaining a remarkable importance thanks to its reduced size and cost of implementation underway. La solución Openbravo Web Pos es una aplicación basada en la red de redes que requiere de un enlace entre todos los dispositivos soportados por el sistema POS (impresoras, boxes, Displays, etc). A typical case of implementation of this solution would be lejecutar Openbravo Pos Web on mobile devices such as Ipads or android tablets while POS devices are connected to a computer that is running the Hardware Manager.

Thanks to the reduced technical requirements for the computer on which you must run the Hardware Manager, It is possible to run it on computers Raspberry Pi as small as their own price it is possible to find models Raspberry for approximately € 30. The Union of these two technology, WEB POS solution for Openbravo and computers Raspberry Pi, It is possible to have all the power and capabilities of the system developed by Openbravo with a cost and a surprisingly reduced space needs.

If you want more information on how to implement this innovative solution and adapt it to the needs of your business please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. At Opentix, we provide solutions that are technologically advanced and adapted to the real needs of your business.

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