OpenELEC is a distribution Linux It allows us to have XBMC in the Raspberry Pi, some really interesting features.

OpenELEC, or Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, is a distribution Linux something atypical because that is a distribution built from zero to have a Center multimedia full. One of the objectives of the facility is its starting as soon as possible, and that its installation is simple and allows having XBMC running in less of 15 minutes.

OpenELEC account with a couple of ways to be installed directly on the SD card then we plug in the Raspberry Pi. But, ¿Sabéis cuál es la forma más fácil? Hacerlo con BerryBoot, a boot manager that not only is the simplest to install the card thing, but that it will allow us to have various operating systems and distributions in the SD. To install BerryBoot, download it and unzip the content on a SD card formatted as FAT. We put the card in the Raspberry Pi and connect it to the network via Ethernet or else plugged you a USB Wi-Fi compatible adapter. From the menu of BerryBoot You can choose which operating systems or distributions install, including OpenELEC. Whenever we launch with BerryBoot We will have to choose one or the other.

Once booted OpenELEC (desde BerryBoot o instalándolo directamente en la SD) accederemos directamente a XBMC. You'll soon see that OpenELEC presents some interesting differences, as a so-called configuration program OpenELEC from the system menu.

In this section we can configure the Wi-Fi, las actualizaciones (manuales o automáticas), keyboard configuration, network connection, including parameters to connect us to our Wi-Fi, Samba and SSH options, among others.

If we're going to set - System Info - and enter Video, We will see that the fps or frames per second are quite high, especially if you compare it with Raspbian (y a la par con XBian o algo superior). While this not let of be a test "of go by House", If we're not playing anything and fps have a higher performance, means that there are fewer processes in the background or XBMC is much more optimized, so when it comes to playing content probably will be finer than in other distributions.

OpenELEC It is free and offers the possibility to be configured from the same program, by what we saved having to connect via SSH for any type of task as with XBian. It also offers automatic installations, LCDproc with drivers for HD44780 and excellent performance.

Source | xatakahome

Autor: Fernando Doutel

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