Create your own robotic guitar with Raspberry Pi
Undoubtedly the idea of ​​creating a robotic guitar is not something that is out of the imagination of the author of this system, I still remember as already in 1988, at the World Expo in Brisbane, Australia, specifically in the Japanese pavilion, He presented a robot capable of playing a guitar. Sin lugar Leer Más
Vehículo Conectado mediante Raspberry PI (I)
Today we bring you the first post of how to provide connectivity to our car and upgrade to version 2.0 Who would not like to be mounted in your car and it was packed with technology, a screen that displays vehicle information, GPS, multimedia environment, Wi-Fi, control remoto… lo que no nos gusta tanto es Leer Más
View the work load distributed cores in your Raspberry Pi 2
Desde que llegó al mercado la nueva Raspberry Pi 2 in February, not only it has broken sales records in all this time, demonstrating once again that both the community and the interest in the platform is more alive than ever, sino que prácticamente todos los usuarios están más que interesados en conseguir Leer Más
PiBoy, a new change of Raspberry Pi to rescue the Game Boy
Actualmente existen muchos diseños y proyectos para realizar con la Raspberry Pi 2, however the most successful are those related to the old game consoles, if not long ago we told you about Pitendo, a project that mimics the Nitendo NES, hoy os hablamos de PiBoy, un diseño que intenta rescatar la antigua Game Leer Más
Tutorial: Convierte tu Raspberry Pi B+ en una completa consola de videojuegos
I must admit that if a product manufactured and tested flawless but has a relatively affordable price for what it offers is a good buy, even so, there is always the option of trying to get a similar solution on our own, en esta ocasión quiero mostrarte cómo crear tu propia videoconsola con un Leer Más