RS Components announces the latest news about the availability of Raspberry Pi
RS Components (RS),el mayor distribuidor de productos y servicios de electrónica y mantenimiento a nivel mundial y la marca comercial de Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), ha publicado una actualización sobre los precios y la disponibilidad de Raspberry Pi, el ordenador del tamaño de una tarjeta de crédito diseñado para animar a una nueva generación de usuarios Leer Más
Fedora 14 running on the Raspberry Pi
La Raspberry Pi es una computadora del tamaño de una tarjeta de crédito que se peude conectar a una televisión y teclado. It allows to run common tasks from a computer. Its main objective is to teach children programming and encourage knowledge in computing at a cost of $25 a $35 $ per unit. The Leer Más
Raspberry Pi: La computadora de US$35 estará disponible a partir del 20 February
At last, el anuncio de hace un mes atrás que confirmaba el comienzo de la fabricación de las mini computadoras Raspberry Pi se cumplió, and the company announced that you for the 20 February will be available the first 10 thousand units. The manufacturing process was not simple. Multiple patents, restricciones e impuestos para la Leer Más
An anonymous person buys a Raspberry Pi by 1200 euros and donate it to a Museum
Not even a week ago that the creators of the computer's 25 Dollars, Raspberry Pi, auction took a very special batch. This consisted only of ten units which will almost definitely be the final design. With a project of such magnitude and with the amount of support that is having, no nos Leer Más
Raspberry Pi will begin production this month
Raspberry Pi, the microcomputer of the size of a card's credit and a cost inferior to them 30 euros is a step away from reality. According to information gathered by the BBC the computer will go into production during this month of January and will do so in two different versions. Si hacemos un poco de Leer Más