Monitoring panel for Raspberry Pi with Node.js

Today I bring not a tutorial. I'm going to show you a project that I've been working a couple of days. I will explain how to install it and how to use it.

It is a monitoring panel to Raspberry Pi that I have developed in Node.js. A few days ago I published a tutorial on how the CPU temperature graph of the Raspberry Pi with Node.js and Highcharts. This article is the continuation of the tutorial said. I have added several graphic, such as memory usage and CPU load. It is a real-time application.

Imagine that you want to try a program that you have developed. You need to know how it behaves the Raspberry Pi While running your software. With this monitoring panel you can see the status of your plate in real time.

The installation process is very simple. Lo explicaré a continuación:

Read the tutorial | GeekyTheory

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