Pascali: la consola portátil hecha con una Raspberry Pi

Rose Colored Gaming is a company that customizes all kinds of classic handheld and desktop. Typically sell versions of consoles with custom shell colors, as almost all versions of the Game Boy Advance, the Japanese WonderSwan, and more.

So far everything normal, Since there are many companies that are dedicated to “coloring” any aparatejo that you have at home. La novedad viene porque en su página de Facebook han puesto una especie de adelanto de lo que será su primera creación original en el mundo de las consolas: Pascali.

Under this name we find a handheld console manufactured with a Raspberry Pi and a custom box that looks a lot like a Game Boy. According to themselves they explain on the page, esta nueva consola será una especie de emulador que podrá reproducir juegos de las clásicas: NES, SNES, MAME CPS-1, Neo Geo, GameBoy (tanto la original como la Color y la Advance), Game Gear, Master System, PC Engine and some more.

It has a control of type crosshead and six buttons, including two in the rear. Lo que no me queda tan claro es si se podrá usar realmente como consola portátil: la Pascali includes a black-and-white LCD screen, but also speak of that you can connect to the TV via HDMI and use own console as remote. Taking in account that this is the use normal of the Raspberry Pi and I see no space for batteries, may not be as portable.

In any case it is an interesting device. It remains to be seen how the final version they have and at what price is put on sale. At the moment can go consulting the information available on their Facebook page.

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