Focal PI, a box for Raspberry IP camera

After receiving the camera we bought for our Raspberry Pi We have the problem of where , how and how we can put the camera to start making pictures or video streamming. The camera we bought is a circuit board with a lens and a strip for connecting to the Raspberry Pi. You don't have any point of support and this is a problem. So at the end, We create a box to accommodate it either buy one.

Focal PI It is a box made of aluminum plates as many of the projects funded for Raspberry Pi, on Kickstarter. The box is about the size of a box for Raspberry Pi. The camera goes hosted in it part top of the box and it can place in vertical or horizontal according to want. Also the box already comes prepared with two slots where enter the Strip as we put the camera. Anyway, would have given equal if this not it would allow, in order to change the position of the box, we get the same effect.

OS hints some photos of a prototype. You have more photos and information on the page of .



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