PI SAI, a UPS for the Raspberry Pi

An uninterruptible power supply system, SAI, también conocido como UPS (del inglés uninterruptible power supply), It is a device that thanks to its batteries or other energy storage elements, It can provide power for a limited time and during a power outage to all devices you have connected.

PI SAI is a product that supplies temporarily to the Raspberry Pi enough energy so that at any given time than the mains stop working, us long enough to be able to shut down the system without which the power failure the data loss and to a lesser extent the corruption of the SD card.

The device PI SAI is designed for a current of 1 amp to 5 maximum output volts, so for example is can also connect other USB devices which can be supplied by the Raspberry Pi.

PI SAI It will be available for sale starting from the 16 December of 2013 the price of €24.99 VAT included.

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