PI-to-Go, a notebook made with a Raspberry Pi

With the Raspberry Pi, a computer on a single plate for only 35 Dollars, quite a stir has been formed. After the revolution arduiniense in microcontrollers, that still, now with Raspberry Pi looking for low-cost computers to grow like mushrooms. What we have here is a tutorial for constuirte your own “portable”, call it somehow. It is not very cheap to say, but you've done.

Total, all parts of the laptop go by 390 Dollars, excluding the parties printed in 3D and quite expensive for what is really. But that not mean that is very curious and interesting to communicate with the project. further, with some modifications and asking the parties to other suppliers the savings can be considerable.

Basically what did Nathan Morgan with his “PI-to-Go” is place him a screen of 3, 5? de 640 x 480 for the video output, a SSD 64GB disk with a 1GB swap. Then WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0 by USB, with a hub of 7 powered by stream ports, and a battery Dell to feed him everything and over a keyboard with trackpad by bluetooth.

Together with several printed parts in 3D to compact it on a laptop with 10 hours of autonomy.

Of course is neither better nor cheaper you can find, but do it yourself and then you can modify it as you come in Ghana has no price.

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