Pi Top: Portátil impreso en 3D con cerebro de Raspberry Pi

Join our own computers generates a huge satisfaction, but with the arrival of the SBC systems, the process can go much further than join a handful of parts. Recently we saw close to PIvena, a custom notebook with one Raspberry Pi inside, and now we discover that the project Top PI has a similar spirit, In addition to a printed cover in 3D.

If you need a dedicated housing for the Raspberry Pi, not have to search far. On-line shops are packed with options, and if you have Lego bricks to spare I am sure that you can improvise. Clear that, It is one thing to create a casing of Raspberry Pi, and another is to create a casing to completely change its format. The Raspberry Pi It is a very low-power computer, Thus, the idea of turning it on laptop is perfectly logical, provided that you accompany it with the right components. The installation of a battery and a charging compatible circuit is perhaps the most complex part of a project so, but that is not an impediment, but an option. Always is possible to learn still of prototypes that not are completely portable, and learning is the number one goal of Top PI.

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Autor: Lisandro Pardo

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