PI Vessel, a project to bring Raspberry IP to the public

PI Vessel It is a project on Kickstarter that seeks to bring the Raspberry Pi to the next level, by a good enclosure, a Wi-Fi module and preinstalled operating system.

Raspberry Pi It is one of the more interesting over the past decade home automation and home computing projects. The idea that behind, put a low-cost computer in the hands of anyone who wants, is sublime. However, it has a small problem, anyone that not is familiar is going to think that you are selling a plate mother glorified. And some would.

Why have emerged as interesting as Kano projects, that basically it adds a good keyboard and especially a much more pleasing appearance in order to promote the learning of programming among the smallest. In that same line moves PI Vessel, a European project on Kickstarter that seeks to address the Raspberry Pi to the general public in resolving some of these deficiencies. In particular account with an attractive design, una carcasa resistente a los golpes y el sistema operativo (Linux) ya viene preinstalado.

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Autor: Carlos Rebato

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