PiBakery allows you to set up a Raspberry Pi to your computer

Launch a Raspberry Pi It is relatively easy, especially if you want to use for a standard project and not very technical, like having a media center connected to the TV or function as the first computer of a child. And one of the easiest ways to do this is using NOOBS, whose installation step by step we explain here right.

Nevertheless, you might want to go a little further and use your Raspberry Pi for others a bit more advanced things, how to install certain software packages not included in NOOBS, probar scripts que descargues de Internet (o que programes tú mismo), or just simplify the configuration of Raspbian, the standard operating system Raspberry. Y para esto tampoco hace falta complicarse mucho la vida; basta con usar PiBakery.

PiBakery is the name of a software designed to customize an installation of Raspbian for your Raspberry Pi directly to your computer, choosing different elements and scripts to modify the operating system and configuring them on an SD memory card. After, just remove the card from your computer, insertarla in the Raspberry… and to enjoy.

The idea came about when David Ferguson developer PiBakery, It was an event of Raspberry Pi and he needed to connect your device to the WiFi… but I had no monitor, ni teclado ni ratón a mano (elementos imprescindibles para configurar una conexión con una Raspberry Pi). A program like PiBakery solves that problem, because all the necessary configuration and customization previously doing on the computer.

PiBakery está disponible de momento para Windows y Mac (su autor asegura que pronto llegará a Linux), and a discharge is sizable, since it already has a built version of Raspbian. Once installed on your computer, abre el programa y verás una interfaz dividida en dos partes: una barra lateral izquierda, classified into several categories, and a central area white.

The sidebar gives you access to the different modules that can change the configuration of Raspbian, also deciding if you want those elements run only the first time the lights Raspberry, or every time you get going. To do it, simply drag and drop modules on the central zone, much like Scratch.

For example, in this case we tell PiBakery what, the first time you start the Raspberry Pi, we want the WiFi connection is automatically configure. To do this the output module “On first boot” (dentro de Setup) y luego el de “Setup WiFi” (dentro de Network).

If you have the necessary knowledge, You can contribute your own scripts to automate all kinds of tasks, or use which shares the user community PiBakery on its website GitHub. Once you have completed your configuration, you just have to copy it to an SD memory button “Write”, for use in the Raspberry. You can also export the settings to XML, if you want to use it later or share it with someone.

PiBakery is, definitely, one more way to help all stakeholders in Rasperry Pi to overcome the initial obstacles that may be encountered when trying to become familiar with this device, and another way to discover the full potential of this small palmtop.

Source | GENBETA
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