PiBoy, a new change of Raspberry Pi to rescue the Game Boy

Currently there are many designs and projects for the Raspberry Pi 2, however the most successful are those related to the old game consoles, if not long ago we told you about Pitendo, a project that mimics the Nitendo NES, today we talk about PiBoy, a design that tries to rescue the old Game Boy using a Raspberry Pi but in this case extend not only functions contemplated but is made.

thus in PiBoy not only we have traditional controls of the Game Boy but we also have auxiliary buttons and two rear buttons as the actual controls of the PS4. Also designers PiBoy They have included a hdmi output on the rear and a sd output to have the slot as cartridges area, but really are not traditional Game Boy cartridges.

The idea of PiBoy It is to recreate the mythical handheld console but without losing benefits today and plate Raspberry Pi. Another thing that has changed in this design is the sound quality of the Raspberry Pi, it has been replaced with one that has a better quality.

PiBoy seeks to create a Game Boy but with the power of today.

PiBoy not only uses a plate Raspberry Pi but also it has an LCD screen, a rechargeable battery that serves as board battery and a housing that has been printed on a 3D printer, something that not only gives us a way like the old Game Boy but much cheaper costs videoconsola.

Regarding video games, PiBoy no problem because when you use Raspberry Pi, its software is also used and can make the classic Game Boy operate quietly, 3DS even if we use the Raspberryy Pi 2.

I must admit that this design of the Game Boy is incredibly good, perhaps the best design within the old consoles, but maybe I say this because I have always preferred to use a handheld game console to a normal game console. But, watching the success of PiBoy, I think I'm not the only one who likes this design.

Source | HW libre

Autor: Joaquin García Cobo

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