PiCamera 1.0, Python library for Raspberry IP camera

Dave Hughes has been working on a package of Python that will allow you to communicate natively with the camera module of the Raspberry Pi. To this project you have called PiCamera and has released the v1.0.

PiCamera is an interface made in Python pure for the use of the camera module of the Raspberry Pi. The project is written to be compatible with Python 2.7 de la serie 2.x (no va a funcionar con 2,6 o por debajo), Y Python 3.2 or above the 3.x series. The same code base is compatible with Python 2 Y 3 code conversions are not required.

The code is licensed under the BSD license. Them packages you can download from the page of the project. The source code can also be obtained on GitHub . La documentación (que incluye la instalación, examples of quick start, y el cambio de registro) se puede leer en ReadTheDocs.

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