PiCE +, a metal housing for the Raspberry Pi and the camera for use outdoors

The Chamber of the Raspberry Pi It is a super peripheral if we want to record images and, Why not, do our own security system or to make timelapses. But if what we want is to place the camera and the Raspberry Pi on the outside of our home we need a case that protects the whole of the weather. Last year PiCE, a box for the Raspberry Pi and the camera got funding on Kickstarter. Now again try PiCE +, a box metal for the Raspberry Pi B+ and the camera.

The PiCE + properties include four new USB access of the Raspberry Pi, as well as to the Ethernet connector and power. Thanks to the two side panels we can hand connect devices to the GPIO, and the HDMI connection, y audio (y salida de vídeo compuesta en el mismo conector) por el otro. The front of the camera reserves a special place for the camera, allowing the installation of a wide angle.

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Autor: Fernando Doutel

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