PiCloud, a model of educational cloud created with LEGOs and 56 Raspberry Pi

Some time ago I showed a supercomputer developed with LEGO and 64 Raspberry Pi He built researchers from the University of Southampton, so today maybe build something like this is not news, but it does draw attention such as this new project of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, where created a model of cloud with the same elements, for use in the education of its students in its school of computer science.

In this case they used 56 Raspberry Pi and a quantity not specified of blocks of LEGO that form the racks of what they call PiCloud. The Raspberry Pi are accommodated in 4 racks that form a model on a scale of a cloud the size of a warehouse.

The project is led by researchers from SICSA Dr. David R. White and Dr Posco Tso.Uno of students developed a RESTful API to control and monitor PiCloud from a web interface. The researchers say that they are using virtualization LXC, In addition Dr. Tso estuvo experimentando con Hadoop y SDN (Software Defined Networking).

Source | Geeks Room

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