Pitendo, an emulator of the original Nintendo in the Palm of your hand

The Raspberry Pi, with all its models, It has meant a revolution among the small creators. Is no longer a major investment necessary to realize an idea, and thanks to the large community that has formed around this small plate we can find real gems waiting that we put hands to work. As for example, a small Nintendo us fits in the Palm of the hand and with which we can play any mythical title of the classic console.

On the basis of the Raspberry Pi Model B+ that was presented a few months ago, properly call Pitendo It is a small box that will give us many hours of fun little that we like the retro games. It includes an 8 GB SD memory card, en el que podemos almacenar las ROMs de todos los juegos lanzados para la consola Nintendo original; para jugarlos usa el emulador RetroPie. For greater fidelity, it comes with a remote replica of the original console that attaches by one of its USB ports.

We can get one Pitendo complete by 119 Dollars, Although we can also simply buy 3D printed housing by 49 dollars and assemble the rest of us.

Source | omicrono

Autor: Adrian Raya

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