PIvena: Un portátil basado en la Raspberry Pi

When Bunnie Huang launched his portable open source Novena, many people wondered if it was worth paying both for a system so, but the cost was not the only thing that let us. The ninth also fired the enthusiasm of other users, which naturally leads to inspiration, and thus we find to the PIvena, a kind of "tribute" to the ninth, in the form of a laptop Raspberry Pi.

There is a tremendous amount of projects that make use of the Raspberry Pi, and beyond the differences between them, the small platform does not stop being a computer, and with the selection of software appropriate, It has the ability to provide the basic function of a desktop system. I understand to navigate in the Raspberry Pi It is slower than it should be, but on the other side we find 1080 p video playback, support for emulation of consoles, and some highly polished Linux distros. With an adequate power supply, una carcasa (u otra alternativa para mantener al PCB protegido), and some method that enable us to take the HDMI output video, the Raspberry Pi You should assume the role of a conventional computer without too many surprises. Now, ¿cuántas chances hay de convertirlo en un portátil?

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Autor: Lisandro Pardo

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