PIXEL, the Raspberry Pi operating system, Available for PC and Mac

Raspberry Pi He has launched an experimental version of its operating system PIXEL that can run on PC and Mac.

The hardware Raspberry Pi It is based on Linux, so that support several variants of this system, although the core is PIXEL, the environment for Raspbian which was introduced last September.

PIXEL (Pi Improved Xwindows Environment), Lightweight) is a GNU distribution / Linux especially noted for being ultra light, so it is perfect for an old computer with limited resources. It provides a user interface clean and modern, a suite of productivity software, programming tools and web browser with useful plugins. Simon Long, UX engineer in charge of development, It is particularly focused on providing an intuitive and easy to use graphical environment, and the result has been very satisfactory.

So much so that Eben Upton, founder Raspberry Pi, They did not want to restrict the use of PIXEL only your plate. He announced on his blog the release of a version of this software can also run on x68 platforms, so you can directly install Windows or Mac computers, as well as other machines that have at least 512 MB of RAM memory. Upon, for example, it installed on your IBM ThinkPad X40.

This new experimental variant time is still a prototype and has all the applications found in the original version except Minecraft and Wolfram Mathematica, that only licensed for distribution with hardware Raspberry Pi.

For the operating system, all you have to do is download the ISO file page Raspberry Pi, mount the image on a CD or DVD with a recording program, or do it in a USB memory using the tool Etcher. Then, restart the computer and boot your PC or your Mac directly to your desktop PIXEL.

Source | Computerhoy.com

Author: Sandra Arteaga

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