First web application Raspberry Pi with NodeJS + CylonJS. Controlling LEDs from Mobile

In this tutorial we will implement a WebApp to control 3 Colored LEDs connected to the GPIO pin of Raspberry Pi. Using JavaScript for it to spray and pray.

we need a Raspberry Pi, with Raspbian installed, the set and the framework CylonJS network and GPIO pin activated. This we can see in the previous entry. As additional materials need 3 LEDs de colores (Rojo, amarillo y verde por ejemplo) y 3 resistencias (por ej. from 470 ohms) para protegerlos. Also cables to connect the LEDs to the GPIO pin.

In my case, acquired a prototyping board in the store Adafruit, In addition to a BUS cable that connects me with this plate GPIO pins and makes me easier installations.

Application structure

The structure will be our webapp with this API, ahora explicaremos que hace cada fichero:

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