Parallel programming with Raspberry Pi

from GCHQ, a spy agency UK, we get information which, apparently, They are responsible for what they themselves have dubbed the largest network of Raspberry Pi together, an exercise in computer architecture which apparently serves to teach their own engineers that the ins and outs parallel programming. Basically what we have before us is what could be called as a mini-supercomputer created from many Raspberry Pi together.

Going into a little more detail, the creation of this device is achieved through no less than 66 interconnected devices that directly if it the largest network created to date using these controllers. In terms of technical features we have no less than 64 Raspberry Pi model B, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB Flash Memory, 1153 Controlabes LEDs and the power of an ethernet network 8 Gigabit.

Según sus autores: “El diseño llevado a cabo consiste en crear un clúster básico que consiste en uno o más bloques de Pis que pueden ser independientes o conectados entre si para formar un grupo más grande. It is designed to be easy to build by offering software that allows exercise multitask running on all available processors using multiple technologies to do so ".

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Source | HW Libre

Autor: Juan Luis Arboledas

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