ProtoCam + , to add functionality to the camera of the Raspberry Pi to + and B +

Protocam + es una placa de pruebas (breadboard) o tablero con orificios conectados eléctricamente entre sí, usually following patterns of lines, in which you can insert electronic components and cables for the Assembly and prototypes of electronic circuits and similar systems. It is in Kikstarter campaign, but soon we will have it on the market as it already attained the necessary funds for its launch. It was designed to fit perfectly in the new Raspberry Pi boards - A + and B +.

This protocam está construido en PBC (aislante) y un conductor que conecta los diversos orificios entre sí. In this case, the test Board is specifically designed to add components to the camera, as timers, flashes, etc. This Board puts the camera on the front of your Raspberry Pi.

Source | Fashion in Venezuela

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