QEMU: Emulador de Raspberry Pi para Windows

For those who still do not have a Raspberry Pi you have the ability to emulate it with QEMU, a simulator capable of operating with binary for the ARM processor and of course, is the processor of our beloved Raspberry Pi. For that, an image of the software you need to run the simulator that you can find on sourceforge. Once we found it downloaded, unzip the emulator in a folder to our choice, for example "Simulator", con los que nos quedaría : C:\simulador\qemu.

Once ready files, We must point out the simulator where and how to call the disk image using. To do this go to the root directory of the Simulator and edit the run.bat file. We modified the existing line to suit our file image and the address where we have hosted it. Quedaría así:

QEMU-system-arm.exe - M versatilepb - arm1176 cpu - hda image/2012-10-28-wheezy-raspbian.img - kernel kernel-qemu - m 192 -Append "root = / dev/sda2″

Once carried out these steps only we must execute the run.bat file

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