Quirky Xerus, a new Linux operating system with Windows XP look for Raspberry Pi

Since the departure of the Raspberry Pi 2 and expanding capacity in both memory and speed regarding the Raspberry Pi 1, there have been many operating systems that have been ported to this new board: Windows 10, Ubuntu and others because it offered much more power than its predecessor.

Also many users who developed distros for these plates used the power of the plate to make its own distributions. This is the case of Barry Kauler, an Australian who for the year 2003 development Puppy Linux, a mini Linux distribution that cover the Raspberry Pi, delivers the full potential of it using very few resources, all installable, for example, from a USB stick. It occupies only 86MB and includes a complete set of tools in addition to supporting scanners, printers, camera and also includes applications such as word processing, Spreadsheets, Postmaster mail, the Chromium browser based on the known Google Chrome and many more applications. It is also possible to install any applications running on Debian repositories with just a few clicks.

He recently surprised everyone with the launch of Quirky Xerus, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu very light that consumes very few resources and its occupying 400MB (although a flash drive or memory card of at least 8GB needed) comes preinstalled with VLC Media Player, LibreOffice web browser and SeaMonkey. Also you can easily install .deb packages (the typical windows exe) and has a very similar interface to Windows XP.

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