Brief, a small robot with Raspberry Pi that you served the coffee

The Robotics projects based on the Raspberry Pi they continue to show its versatility. A Japanese company has created a humanoid robot that is capable of performing various tasks in conjunction with the RPi.

It is not the first development in this respect - as we've seen other robots based on Raspberry Pi and on the platform Arduino, but in this case we have a more attractive design and that almost could be considered as a toy for the older.

Brief can be configured at the software level easily thanks to the inclusion of the Raspberry Pi, and also a camera you can attach you to record and store Visual data. The robot has with 12 actuators that control their mobility.

Brief It is oriented to the uninitiated in this field, and it's a curious way to take the first steps in the world of Robotics. The collective financing of KickStarter campaign has already dubbed the intended goal, and that there is still more than a month and a half to the end of.

Brief It can be operated without Raspberry Pi, Although this miniPC and its modules camera or a WiFi USB key give much larger robot. The price of the basic kit without the Raspberry Pi It is 199 libras (233 euros al cambio aproximadamente), and it will be available in December of this year.

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