RaspAnd is updated and thus the version of Android that is available for Raspberry Pi

A few days ago a developer showed us his work with Raspberry Pi and the latest version of Android, a project that made Android Nougat would work in Raspberry Pi 3, but this project was not optimized and was not targeted for the end user, which had neither the Play Store or the Gapps.

For these problems, the user has to use or roms Android versions created for Raspberry Pi. The most famous of them all is spreading, an operating system created for Raspberry Pi by Arné Exton has updated the project incorporating the latest version of Android Marshmallow, Android 6.0.1.

This version is known within the official project as Build 160 915, build a very special because not only has the latest Android but is also optimized for use with Raspberry Pi 3 but compatible with older models. Distribution spreading It comes with the Play Store and Gapps, something many Android users seek and use every day. also removed access to the appstore Aptoide, a package that was giving enough problems to users and to distribution.

spreading It incorporates Gapps so that the user do not have to 'hand'

The other apps are the same as in the previous version as the central focus of development has been to optimize everything possible operation spreading on Raspberry Pi 3 Y 2.

Those who want to try this version of Android for Raspberry Pi, You can get the installation image on the official website, but cautions and recommends microsd sd card class or used 10 so that the operating system can operate with complete fluency. But urges you, you can also choose to buy a card with spreading installed, something that cost very little and what you will help the project to go ahead.

Posted by Joaquin Garcia Cobo

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