Raspberry Pi 2 Model B: más potente y con soporte Windows 10 by 35 Dollars

The foundation Raspberry Pi has planned make an announcement important today. She is not rumors, they themselves have given the first details, and The Register, today will have a new version of this small plate base with aspirations to PC which can today say that it more resembles a personal computer of very small size.

His name is Raspberry Pi 2 Model B y contará con un Broadcom BCM2836 (el B+ tenía un 2835) con cuatro núcleos a 900 MHz. At your side, 1GB of RAM to offer up to six times more power than the Model B + than, until today, was the reference in the Foundation.

More power with respect to Model B +

According Eben Upton, Foundation Raspberry Pi, the PI 2 Model B is a computer usable. According to him, is not having a team yielding well by the 35 $ it cost. Now it pays well, without taking into account that the price is a constraint. ¿Cómo se ha calculado que es “seis veces más potente”? Usando un benchmark.

By comparing the 2836 with the 2835 using SysBench, a tool of benchmark that measures the performance in a single thread. Catching the references that give both processed under the same test, You can see that the power is six times higher in this new model. The first are promising in terms of performance improvements.

Another important fact is the support with Windows 10. This new plate will be compatible with the next version of the Windows operating system. A very important step for Raspberry Pi and that, on the other hand, It shows that in Redmond are taking seriously all possible platforms to reach.

The good news is that he remains affordable and the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B will be released at a price of 35 Dollars. The first tranche will be of 100.000 units so, a priori, It will be sufficient to meet the demand inical. The A + remains in a few 20 dollars, for those who do not want to make a great investment, is a figure sexy.

Source | Engadget

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