Raspberry Pi Bootstrap, the best tool to configure your Raspberry Pi

You have a Raspberry Pi, and already you recorded your first images. Or maybe you're thinking get one but you think that it will be difficult. There are times where it is necessary to configure the Raspberry Pi without a keyboard and a mouse. No problem for people with more experience thanks to SSH, but for that you also need to know the IP address of the Raspberry Pi When the have connected by cable to our router, update some applications and then configure the Wi-Fi. ¿No hay una forma más sencilla? Raspberry Pi Bootstrap It is an application created by Adafruit which greatly simplifies the configuration of the Raspberry Pi.

We started the application and see the above image, just the logo and a button that will search for the Raspberry Pi that I have connected to our router using a network cable. When you find it you will have the following image, in which PI Bootstrap shows all its possibilities.

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Autor: Fernando Doutel

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