Raspberry Pi will begin production this month

Raspberry Pi, the microcomputer of the size of a card's credit and a cost inferior to them 30 euros is a step away from reality. According to information gathered by the BBC the computer will go into production during this month of January and will do so in two different versions.

Si hacemos un poco de memoria podemos recordar cual era el gran potencial del equipo: computación asequible y portátil al alcance de todos los bolsillos incluidos aquellos más desfavorecidos. The Raspberry Pi has output HDMI to connect to a TV, port USB for connecting peripherals and card reader micro SD like storage. Its core consists of an ARM11 chip to 700 MHz with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and video to 1080 p playback.

Now we will have with two versions different from the device. The most basic version, from 25 dollars of cost, It will have 128 MB of RAM while the more complete version, with the cost of 35 Dollars, It will have 256 MB of RAM and Ethernet connection for network connectivity. Both can be run Debian O Fedora and already is working to complete compatibility with Ubuntu.

Many emerging countries and organizations will benefit from this project with a view to bringing computing to everyone regardless of their purchasing power. Waiting for luck seems to be approaching the end.

Source | GIZIG

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