Raspberry Pi with XBMC and Transmission in XBian

One of the reasons that prompted me to start this blog was the gadget which you speak again today in this video. The Raspberry Pi He was the protagonist of that first post of Babuleando, I want a Raspberry Pi and many others who came after where I had was the purchase of a Raspberry Pi, How could install various operating systems deciding between Berryboot vs. NOOBS, or the strange story of as a parent becomes a toy phone smartphone with a Raspberry Pi.

The case is that still not had written or assembled anything about how prepare our Raspberry Pi para dos de los usos más habituales: centro multimedia (media center) y servidor de descargas torrents (seedbox). Thanks to my friend Diego, He was interested in buying one for these uses, I was encouraged to make this tutorial. And taking advantage of the Assembly, I have already stopped operating mine this way. ¡Gracias Diego! ;). Today we will see how to configure Raspberry Pi with XBMC and Transmission in XBian.

Read the tutorial | BABULEANDO

Autor: Miguel Angel Benítez Andrades

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