Raspberry Pi gets get inside the NEC screens

These minicomputers plate as Raspberry Pi They were born to teach programming, for the makers play with them, and ultimately, to experiment. In the third generation of this product things are getting serious and it's about an option for use by large manufacturers.

The present case has to do with NEC and display business. La firma japonesa ha decidido que va a incluir ese cerebro pequeño dentro de pantallas gigantes: paneles que se mueven entre 40 Y 98 inches with a shopping destination, for nothing domestic.

The NEC screens be smart by carrying modules Raspberry Pi inside

Vale, are not going to buy products, but it is an important step Raspberry Pi I would like to mean. The implementation would be through modules in a connection port that would give the possibility to change for new models. The module it will be known as 'Pi Compute Module'.

¿El objetivo final? Pues intentar que esas pantallas más inteligentes que tengan una mejor conectividad con dispositivos y el internet de las cosas, and offer greater customization to customers, without raising the price too.

We can get an idea of ​​the capabilities of the module, losing one physical connectors Raspberry Pi normal, pero mantienen los siguientes puntos: procesador de cuatro núcleos a 1,2GHz, 1GB RAM, y 4GB en eMMC (habrá versión con 16GB).

The first displays with this possibility will hit the market in January 2017.

Source | Engadget
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