How to Make a Raspberry Pi to work within a NES cartridge

If there is one thing we must recognize the Raspberry Pi is its ability to "recycle household '. Basically anything with enough volume may become compatible with the mini computer housing, and now that the Raspberry Pi Zero He is making mischief, some enthusiasts take their projects to the limit. Today we have in our hands to nothing less than "Pi Cart», a Raspberry Pi Zero within a NES cartridge, with its own USB hub and HDMI output full size.

Tempted to buy a case for your Raspberry Pi? ¿Y si te dijera que reciclar o improvisar una es tan entretenido como preparar y configurar al ordenador? En primer lugar, tienes el desafío añadido de adaptar la carcasa al Pi (o al revés, asumiendo que estés dispuesto a retirar conectores con un soldador de estaño), And in second place, it is cheaper. How many things there are in our home that could serve as a housing Raspberry Pi y no lo imaginamos? ¿Tal vez una consola dañada, o por qué no un teclado? La mejor parte es que no hay una sola respuesta correcta. Everything depends on how long the user decides to invest, and components at its disposal.

In the case of "Zack", who already has several projects related to Raspberry Pi, what he did was install a Raspberry Pi Zero within a NES cartridge. Housings old Nintendo games are almost indestructible, courtesy of a very resistant plastic, y los tornillos de seguridad (que requieren una herramienta especial, o improvisar un poco). The "donor" was nothing less than Back to the Future, a saga of movies we love without doubt ... that had a NES game truly frightening. Receive a Raspberry Pi Zero and a USB hub is a far more noble for that cartridge "protect" the original game destination. Maybe in 20 O 30 years worth a fortune ... but not now.

The USB hub is there only to connect two gamepads at the same time, but if you're going to do this as a project for personal use, you can replace it with a simple adapter. Yes definitely something that is recommended is to convert the mini-HDMI output full size, It is resulting in more robust when connecting and disconnecting the cartridge. It goes without say, the use of a cartridge is not required NES. Although they have plenty of space inside, it is theoretically possible to use a closer option in time, say a Mega Drive cartridge. ¡No dejes de hacer la prueba!

Source | NEOTEO
Posted by Lisandro Pardo

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