Raspberry Pi has been used to create a ring of light painting

The computer Raspberry Pi basado en ARM es uno de esos pequeños proyectos (literalmente) que no se cayeron en el olvido, even after the hype advertising initial, and now we see it back in action.

The people linked to the Adafruit learning system has used the small gadget, the size of a credit card to design an artifact of light painting.

As if the feat in itself is not enough, Adafruit published even the tutorial, and does not seem to be so complicated.

Well, It took some special code, but Adafruit added the entire section on its website.

“Large and colorful images require lots of memory… and that's an area where we need more memory which can provide a Arduino. We had a feeling that the Raspberry Pi you could make this process easier. But we didn't expect it to be so easy”, Phillip Burgess wrote.

In addition to basic electronic components, the people who made this idea reality used some PVC pipes, a hula hoop, a tape of LEDs and a bicycle.

La bicicleta (si puede ser llamada así) fue utilizada en las etapas finales de “propagation” light at night.

Fuente | Softpedia

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