Raspberry Pi + LEGO = BrickPi

BrickPi It is a system that turns to the Raspberry Pi in a robot formed by a plate that attaches to the Raspberry Pi and that makes of interface with the elements of LEGO MINDSTORMS. Also includes a box which houses the Assembly and which is compatible with parts of LEGO.

For those who never have seen the system Mindstorms of LEGO, tell you that it is probably the best system to make a rapid development of a robot, as to countless parts of the Technics branch of LEGO We can add sensors and actuators from third parties.

Another advantage is that the whole can be powered by a 9V battery, which will supply power to the engines, sensors and the Raspberry Pi. It's really a "shield" programmed in Arduino that allows to interface with the elements of Mindstorms NXT. In particular account with three ports of engines that can read values in the same, as well as four ports compatible with Mindstorms sensor sensors. It also boasts a pair of LED to know the status of our robot.

The robot can be programmed in Python, and a more polished version of the library is being developed to facilitate the programming of the system. Those who have already enjoyed of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT will see all the possibilities offered by the BrickPi and the Raspberry Pi as the "brain" of the robots, and not only to have more options for its programming, but the computing power of the Raspberry Pi, camera interface of the Raspberry Pi It is already available commercially, and also to you have the possibility of direct connection to your local network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

brickpi4  brickpi5
brickpi6  brickpi7

The good news is that there will be a library with funding for Scratch, the language of programming visual of it Raspberry Pi for children, so even those who not have never programmed and the smallest of the House may develop their Robotics projects in a short time.

BrickPi looking for funding in Kickstarter and it has already achieved its objectives, so within a few months the first units will be sent to those who have financially supported the project.

Funding starts from of 1 dollar, but to get a BrickPi (sin la caja) debemos contribuir con 35 Dollars, the same price of the Raspberry Pi, more shipping costs depending on where we are. The set BrickPi + box will cost 45 Dollars.

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