Raspberry Pi + Python + Minecraft = secured entertainment

… Insured entertainment and knowledge, would be the appropriate title , pero es que quedaba demasiado largo ;-).

The case is that over the past months, within the framework of the educational project guadatech , hemos estado usando la versión simple del Minecraft ,que se puede instalar en la Raspberry Pi, to teach the kids to take their first steps in programming with Python and the results , We will show in this article not may have been more hopeful.

Since the people of Mojang was pleased to release a simple version of the program with a small API in Python to be able to "hack" have been many programmers , of all levels, those who have felt attracted by this combination of game and click.

As in almost all it relating to the Raspberry Pi We have taken advantage of the large community of enthusiasts that there is behind by writing code and tutorials.

In the case of Minecraft in the Raspberry we have several outstanding sources. La primera sería la página de Martin O’Hanlon ( http://www.stuffaboutcode.com/p/minecraft.html ) en la que el autor hace un esfuerzo , I would say that fanatic, to extend the basic API , adding features not only to draw more or less simple geometric figures , but that it has gone beyond coming to rendering entire cities.

Leer el tutorial completo | GeekyTheory

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