Raspberry Pi Torrent, Samba and DLNA with 3 or more hard drives

There are plenty of guides that will help you to transform your Raspberry Pi in a server that support the download of torrents and sharing files via Samba and DLNA. Nevertheless, todos ellas tienen un gran defecto: solamente soportan un disco duro. In this instructables, We will help you to configure the transmission, Samba and miniDLNA in your Raspberry Pi para apoyar a la mayor cantidad de unidades de disco duro como desee (siempre y cuando haya suficiente potencia).

La lista de componentes necesarios: Raspberry Pi Model B for Internet access, Fuente de alimentación con un dongle Wi-Fi USB (opcional). Guidelines for configuring Wi-Fi dongle are abundant on the internet. You can do it with the command line via SSH or from the graphical user interface.

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