Raspberry Pi - use of relay, X 10 and motion detector

In this document we are going to put in place a Raspberry Pi a very practical functions that can make us think about implementing a system of home automation at home, Super simple and cheap. Firstly connect a relay that will allow us to switch circuits such as lights in house, and on the other a motion sensor that will allow us to make the function that interests us, como por ejemplo encender esas mismas luces y por lo tanto no tener que dar las luces de la casa nunca más =)

Controlling a relay with a Raspberry Pi

In this document on the one hand, We will see how to connect a relay to one Raspberry Pi to control circuits. Can use it as a switch to control certain lights of the House, the thermostat... At eBay you can find 5V relays to close or open circuit of 220V, for €2 each module, We can have up to 8 modules in a relay to control 8 circuitos!

I leave a couple of screenshots with permission from the blog of RSPPI which also explains in great way how to set it. This image shows on the right side connectors with the Raspberry Pi, connect the GND ground, con el IN1 controlaremos el canal de K1 (IN2 para el K2…) los conectaremos a un GPIO; El VCC lo conectamos a los 5V de la Raspberry. On the left we will control the circuit where the cables connect, If we close the circuit between 1 Y 2, the circuit will normally be 'open', If we close it between the 2 and the 3, the circuit will normally be 'closed'.

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