Raspberry Pwn: Herramientas de hackeo para la Raspberry Pi

Pwnie Express is pleased to announce the official launch of Raspberry Pi Pwn. Security enthusiasts can now easily convert your Raspberry Pi in a plate of tests in search of vulnerabilities in systems of networks.

basically, Raspberry Pi Pwn It includes an arsenal of tools for hacking and penetration test aimed at checking for vulnerabilities in corporate networks.

This version is Open Source e incluye las siguientes herramientas:
SET, FastTrack, Kismet, Aircrack-ng, nmap, dsniff, Netcat, Nikto, Xprobe, Scapy, Wireshark, tcpdump, ettercap, hping3, Medusa, macchanger, NBTscan, John, Ptunnel, p0f, ngrep, tcpflow, OpenVPN, iodine, httptunnel, cryptcat, sipsak, Yersinia, smbclient, sslsniff, Tcptraceroute, pbnj, netdiscover, netmask, udptunnel, dnstracer, sslscan, Medusa, ipcalc, dnswalk, socat, onesixtyone, tinyproxy, Dmitry, fcrackzip, ssldump, fping, IKE-scan, GPSD, darkstat, swaks, arping, tcpreplay, sipcrack, proxychains, proxytunnel, siege, sqlmap, Wapiti, skipfish, w3af.

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