Raspbmc is a way to easy to have XBMC in the Raspberry Pi. We will need an SD card which we can delete, class 4 or better, and with two or more GB of space. We go to a terminal window and type a couple of commands, which directly downloaded official version of Raspbmc and they will install the minimum software to continue with the installation. Then insert the card to the reader of the Raspberry Pi and we connect IP via ethernet port power and internet. The system will be installed automatically, applying patches and rebooting sometimes the Raspberry Pi. We take a coffee and see how appears the menu of XBMC on screen. The installation is in fact brilliant, It is completely transparent to the user and is certainly the easiest option, especially if we want to make subsequent updates to the application automatically and transparently to the user, even a provisional daily updates. For those who don't want to worry about anything, or better, from as little as possible in terms of installation and maintenance of XBMC This is certainly the best option. Nevertheless, the performance of XBMC in Raspbmc (al menos de momento) hace que Rasbmc It is not the best option.

Source | xatakahome

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