Raspi Boy: Another portable variant for the Raspberry Pi Zero

And in a new episode of "I want to install a Raspberry Pi in air conditioning ", Boy Raspi discover the project, developed by Pierre-Louis Boyer. Not the first time we see the Raspberry Pi Zero become a handheld, and we are confident that will not be the last, but the Raspi Boy manages to achieve an identity taking inspiration platforms caliber Game Boy and Super Nintendo.

The "retro console" has become the quintessential role model for any Raspberry Pi. No matter if it is the first generation or the last, and if you have one or four cores, the truth is that with a copy of hindfoot and some games, market the most recognized classical systems can easily come back to life. One of my great unfinished is the original Game Boy. In the past I have played many of their titles with the help of emulators, but for once I'd like to have that console. Prices of existing units have soared, and deep down we dream of a special edition similar to that launched Nintendo's NES Classic. Until then, we must build our own alternative, Boy Raspi project and is emerging as an excellent candidate.

Depending on how much time and money you want to invest each user, Boy Raspi may be a simple housing supports Raspberry Pi Zero, or a handheld almost ready to use. ¿Por qué «casi»? La razón no es otra más que la dificultad para encontrar al Raspberry Pi Zero. Those who sell only deliver one per person, and the few units available tend to disappear quickly. The Raspi Boy is very easy to assemble, and truth, It does not even require a soldering iron. Its internal battery 2.000 mAh ensures portability, while the HDMI output on the Pi Zero facilitates connection to a larger external display.

The Boy Raspi already received the necessary funds through Kickstarter to move to its next phase, but you can still get one if you wish. The price for single housing is 25 euros, Nevertheless, most concerned decided to make the jump to full kit, whose price is 69 euros. There are also a number of additional updates, and the possibility of adding to the configuration gamepads. If everything goes well, the first deliveries will be made in March.

Source | NEOTEO

Fuente: Lisandro Pardo

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