Rombus-CT: Recreation for two players made with a Raspberry Pi

One of the most serious mistakes we can make as DIY enthusiasts is to think that everything is invented. How many recreational based on the Raspberry Pi hay allá afuera? La respuesta es «muchas», but the best part is that no one is required to copy each step of construction, and we found plenty of room to expand and optimize. A good example of this is the recreation ROMBUS CT de Matt Brailsford, that adds support for two players adopting the classic format "cocktail".

One point that many enthusiasts underline on the design of recreational space is. At the end of the day, not everyone has enough place to keep these magnificent towers, but with some modifications, the magic of flat screens and Raspberry Pi, today it is possible to create compact systems that do not envy anything to classic cabins. Being honest, I think it is more convenient to create a "arcade Raspberry Pi"Before throwing the storm maintenance demanded by the old arcade. If the bug bites DIY strong enough, It will happen shortly before they start to look flat, and the best prices for components. Said that, ¿qué tal un poco de inspiración? Para todos aquellos que desean construir pero les preocupa el espacio, here are the ROMBUS CT.

ROMBUS CT It is a development of Matt Brailsford, better known as "Circuitbeard". Brailsford said on their official website that wanted to take a recreational an event in which it participates, CodeCabin. Previously it created an even more compact system, a ROMBUS3000, but this time wanted a recreational designed for two players. That led him to adopt a cockpit cocktail format, Sanwa buttons of 24 mm, and eight-inch LCD screen that can be fed directly by the Raspberry Pi. Of course, have a laser cutter gives a huge benefit Brailsford, but I insist that there is no need to continue its construction one step at a time. Furthermore wiring, another detail that some effort was needed settings backfoot.

It goes without say, the result is extraordinary. The ROMBUS CT preserves the spirit of recreational old cocktail, while it is maintaining the "space factor" at bay. No lo voy a negar: Me encantaría hacer algo así. I have no idea where they would place, and humidity in the cave where I call home tends to destroy everything that was made of wood, but I would very much like "to have that problem".

Source | NEOTEO
Posted by Lisandro Pardo

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