RS Components announces the latest news about the availability of Raspberry Pi

RS Components (RS),el mayor distribuidor de productos y servicios de electrónica y mantenimiento a nivel mundial y la marca comercial de Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), He has published an update on the prices and availability of Raspberry Pi, the computer of the size of a credit card designed to encourage a new generation of PC users to discover and develop their programming skills.

Since it was announced Raspberry Pi he 29 February, RS has received more than 200.000 requests through their websites around the world. RS is one of the only two authorized distributors to sell computers Raspberry Pi at the global level.

The first batch of computers will come to them stores of RS to end of March and will be delivered to them customers by rigorous order of registration. Due to high demand of Raspberry Pi, orders are initially limited to one unit per customer. All customers who have registered will receive a notification that will be confirmed when orders can be of Raspberry Pi through the new RS created specifically for online store Raspberry Pi.

Through the connection of raspberry Pi a TV monitor and keyboard, computer programmers can use the power of the computer to develop new programs, games and applications, allowing the card to handle many of the tasks traditionally performed by a PC, like for example, Internet browsing.

The computer Raspberry Pi in RS it will cost £21.60, more a fee shipping charge of £4.95 to anywhere in the world, most VAT and import duties, as appropriate. Those users will need accessories such as a cable USB AB, cable HDMI, a power supply and an SD memory card. If customers ask these cables or other accessories, together to make the request to RS, shipping costs will be the same. On behalf of the Foundation Raspberry Pi, Liz Upton, comentó: "We are confident that retailers that we have selected are doing everything possible to meet the incredible demand for our first product. The high demand has caught us by surprise, but we know that RS has committed all of its resources available to increase the production of Raspberry Pi and that computers can be delivered to customers in the shortest possible time".

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